Can’t Make it to a Sizing Event?

Sometimes your schedule does not allow for you to attend a sizing event in Seattle or Port Townsend – we understand.  Luckily, there are a few alternatives to enable you to get your clothing order in to us.

1 – Meet Dan for a private sizing session!  Dan will meet you at you at a convenient location like a coffee shop or pub and bring all the stuff necessary for you to order some made-to-measure clothing.  He’ll bring a portfolio of design ideas, hundreds of material samples that you can feel and view, samples of satin and silk lining materials, a measuring tape and an order form.  It takes just a few minutes to get your measurements (other folks in the cafe or pub will think you’re a movie star meeting with your private tailor for private fitting…maybe you are!).

Viewing the portfolio of other client’s prior purchases is an easy way to nail down the look you’re after.  Combined with your personal measurements, we make the magic happen, resulting in a custom designed outfit made just for you.

2 – If you’ve ordered from us before, we keep your measurements on file.  Simply find a photo of a suit from the internet or our web site that you’re a fan of and give us the green light to build it for you in your size.  Easy peasy.

3 – You may acquire your measurements by utilizing the services of another tailor if you choose.  Simply send them to us (extra bonus for metric!).  There are also a few good self-measurement videos you can watch on Youtube that allow you to calculate your own figures (you may want to solicit the help of a friend).  Here’s a good self-measurement video.

Once you have your measurements, the hard part of the order process is over.  Simply get us your specs and choose a suit style and we’ll take it from there!  We can email you photos of materials available so you can choose which one’s right for you!